Maispace 3

Modular Architectural interiors enable the creation of personalized workspace. Very versatile, office layouts based on the modular architectural concept also
offer significant economies. Interchangeable components are easily moved. Inventories can be kept at a minimum.

Innovative, affordable, personalized Maispace workspaces fill a specific niche for customers requiring expert craftsmanship, elegance and the versatility
of an off-modular stackable panel system. Moreover, the Maispace power and data cable management system is the answer managing technology
in the workplace and ending the chaos accompanying moves, adds and changes.

Maispace proves that expertly crafted off-modular stackable panel system can be elegant and affordable. Affordable because we combine highly automated
production processes with a streamlined just-in-time manufacturing and distribution system. This reduces our costs across the board and ensures
fast delivery. We believe no contract office furniture manufacturer can match our quality at our price points.

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Product Name: Maispace 3
Product Code: OSMS3
Product Category: Maispace

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